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Does 18k Gold Fade Over Time?

Dubai gold jewellers have a good reputation in the market regarding the authenticity of gold ornaments they sell to customers from all over the world. The prices are pretty competitive and there is a warranty from top-rated brands. If you have a plan to purchase superior quality 18k gold jewelry items, it is crucial to purchase the products from a well-known Dubai gold souk. But you might be worried about the durability of the gold ornaments and whether their shine can be maintained over time. The blog tries to provide some clear answers to such queries.

Know a Bit About the Composition

You need to know that an 18k gold ornament has 75% gold and the rest 25% consists of strengthening metals. The metals are copper and zinc in most cases. The non-gold metals are expertly blended with gold to manufacture the branded jewelry items.

Exposure to Moisture

It is also important to know that when the non-gold metal is over-exposed to moisture or humid conditions, there are good chances for the ornament to fade. It should be your priority to protect the gold ornament from over-exposure. Two simple ways to do it are:

  • Not wearing the ornament daily
  • Using a good-quality case to store the jewelry item

What Happens When There Is Overexposure?

When the 18k gold jewelry item is overexposed to the atmosphere, the surface becomes dull and the natural shine of the ornament gets affected. There is a marked reduction in the glitz and glamor of the gold product. Over time, the shine doesn’t dazzle anymore. Also, in some cases, the gold product may develop a blackish or brownish tinge on its surface.

Certified 18k Gold Ornament Rarely Fades

The good news is certified 18k gold doesn’t fade so easily. The alloys used to manufacture the ornaments don’t readily react with the moisture present in the atmosphere. So, there is a lesser probability of the gold becoming duller.

Durability Factor

You need to keep in mind that the durability of a gold ornament depends on the level of its purity. The more percentage of alloy mixed in it ensures more durability and vice-versa. So, 14k gold is more durable than 18k gold.

Branded 18k Gold Maintains Its Appearance

You would be pleased to know that branded and certified 18k gold ornaments are successful in maintaining their appearance over the years. You don’t have to doubt it.

Buy Sparkling 18k Gold

You can rely on the prolific inventory of Anvar Luxury Jewellery if you want to buy the highest quality 18k gold ornaments. The gold souk is one of the best shops in Dubai and has goodwill in the local market.

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